Additional Services

Fee Schedule

0001-1000 sq. ft.      $375.00    
1001-1999 sq. ft.      $425.00

2000-2499 sq. ft.      $475.00

2500-2999 sq. ft.      $499.00

3000-3499 sq. ft.      $549.00

3500-3999 sq. ft.      $599.00

4000-4499 sq. ft.      $649.00

4500-4999 sq. ft.      $699.00

5000+ sq. ft.               Call for quote

Outbuildings:            Call for quote

Mobile Home:           Call for quote

Multi Family Units:  Call for quote

Condos:                      Call for quote

Townhomes:             Call for quote

Phone:  503-597-9724  Oregon / Wash.

        Thermal Imaging:              $75.00 with inspection

                                                             $175.00 without inspection

        Sewer Camera Scope:     $159.00 with inspection
                                                              $195.00 without inspection

        Mold Testing:                          $299.00 Includes two air samples
                                                               Includes a full detailed lab report
                                                               $75.00 ea. Additional test samples                                                                                                         

        Radon Gas Testing:             $225.00 
      Mold Inspection:           $395.00 (stand-alone)
      Includes a mold inspection, a thermal scan, 2 mold air
      samples and a full detailed mold report from the lab.

      Roof Inspection:            $299.00 (stand alone) 
      Inspection includes a full detailed report with photos,

      With a certification of condition add $59.00
      Required by most buyers, lenders and Insurers
      Roof inspection pricing is up to (2500 sqft of roofing)
      Call for quote on any additional square footage.